When you first start the system, the user must perform the following actions:

  1. Enable the media with the primary startup key to the operating system.
  2. When first run, the executable file inspects the operating system and collects the primary information to run.
  3. The user must re-run the executable file “fossprotect.exe” on behalf of the administrator of the operating system. At the second run, the executing file will request the entry of the primary secret password provided by the administrator of the “FossProtect” system together with the carrier of the primary key.
  4. After entering a secret password, the executable file will prompt you to change this password to the user’s personal password.
  5. The password must be at least 8 characters and at least 1 capital letter and 1 digit.
  6. ATTENTION !!! Do not share your password with anyone! In the event of a password loss, the FossProtect system administrator will provide a new carrier with the primary password to the system.
  7. After entering the new password twice, the system will provide an appropriate message “Your password has been changed”. If the password is entered incorrectly, the system informs the user that the password is incorrect. The number of password entries is unlimited (the number of password entries can be configured by the developer of the “FossProtect” system).
  8. Also, the user must make sure that the executable file fossprotect.exe is added to the list of exceptions in the firewall of the operating system “Windows”, and an antivirus program installed on the user’s computer.
  9. After that we can start the system for further use.


For further use, the user must run an executable startup file “fossprotect.exe”

The executing file will prompt you to enter a personal password for future logon (see the first system startup).

After entering the password in the lower right corner of the desktop, there will be an icon of two yellow and then green computers that indicate a successful connection to the Fossprotect connection server.

After the appearance of two green computers, the user can go to the launch of programs that must be connected through the secure connection  «Fossprotect».

To terminate the connection, the user must click on the “FossProtect” icon (two green computers) with the right mouse button and click on the menu item “disconnect”. After that, green computers will be grayed out on the program shortcut, there will be local Internet access, and the media can be removed from the operating system.

You can also do the following in the menu items:

  • change your own password (after entering your old password)
  • view log connection (connection status, error log)


In case of errors or unsuccessful launches, the user must contact the «FossProtect» system administrator to further detect connection problems.

WARNING!!! When connected to the FossProtect system, there is no Internet connection (an encrypted connection is active).

The manual is intended for use by organizations and companies involved in the development and implementation of the «FossProtect» system.